Illinois Contract Cancellation Law

The 3-day right of withdrawal applies to the classic door-to-door sale and any contract concluded in your home. However, it also applies to certain situations where a contract is signed outside a seller`s usual establishment. The Federal Trade Commission`s rule on such „off-premises” sales explicitly states that it applies to sales in „temporarily or short-term leased facilities, such as hotel or motel rooms, convention centers, fairs and restaurants, or sales at the buyer`s workplace or in dormitories.” However, it does not apply to car auctions or „tent sales” (as long as the dealership has a permanent place of business somewhere) or craft fairs. Both have special exceptions to the rule. In addition to door-to-door sales, the second type of business you can cancel in 3 days is a sale or loan where your home serves as collateral for the loan. It is important to understand that this particular right of withdrawal does not apply to loans used to purchase your home („purchase money loan”). It applies to home equity loans, mortgage refinancing, and if you finance something other than your home using your home as collateral. An example of the latter type of business is a home repair loan. If there is a 3-day cooling-off period, you have 3 business days to cancel. And if you sign a contract that can be terminated, you need to get 2 sets of forms that you can use to cancel.

If you do not receive the forms or if your right of withdrawal is otherwise affected, e.B. if you are misled about your rights or receive the runaround, you have a „right of continuous withdrawal” beyond 3 days. Under Illinois law, if you enter into a home repair agreement that meets the criteria for a three-day right of withdrawal, the seller must provide you with a written receipt or a completed contract that reflects the terms of the oral agreement and indicates the date of the transaction. The receipt or contract must also include a „withdrawal notice” stating that you can cancel the transaction at any time within three days. Next to the field where you sign the contract – or on the first page of the receipt if a contract is not used – the following statement must appear in bold, type 10 points: If you have concluded a contract protected by a three-day right of withdrawal and you decide to terminate the contract, you must submit a „notice of termination” within this period. The best course of action in this type of transaction is to never sign a contract that does not fully and explicitly describe the three-day right of withdrawal, does not include the date of sale in the contract or contains spaces. Illinois law requires that if a home repair contract meets the above criteria, so that the customer has the right to terminate, the contractor must provide the customer with either a written contract or a receipt that reflects the terms of the agreement. This document must contain the date as well as a specific legal language that informs the customer within three days of his right of withdrawal from the contract and informs the customer of the appropriate procedure to withdraw from the contract. (c) not to inform any consumer orally of his right of withdrawal at the time of signing the contract or of buying or renting the goods or services; In addition to contracts subject to the FTC`s 3-day cooling-off period, federal or state law may, depending on the nature of the contract or the industry involved, include legal language that specifies a period of time during which either party may withdraw from the contract. This is most often the case with contracts where one of the parties tends to be more demanding than the other or holds a position of power over the other. Dealers often offer extended service contracts to new car buyers at an additional cost.

Most extended warranties are sold by the dealer at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter. It is important to research who and what is behind this warranty. As with any contract, buyers of new cars should request a copy of the document and read it before signing it. Finally, buyers must assume that an item is not covered by their contract unless otherwise clearly stated. (h) not to inform the Consumer within 10 working days of receipt of the Consumer`s cancellation policy if the Seller intends to repossess or abandon the goods shipped or delivered. Campsite Memberships If you choose to purchase a camping subscription after a sales presentation, the Illinois Campground Membership Act gives you three business days after the contract is finalized to cancel it. Under Illinois law, „three business days” means any calendar day except Sunday or a federal holiday. (g) negotiate, transfer, sell or assign a bond or other proof of indebtedness to a financial company or other third party before midnight of the fifth business day following the date on which the contract was signed or the date on which the goods or services were purchased or leased;  or In Illinois, three-day termination rights must be granted for certain types of transactions. In many cases, home repair or renovation contracts must include language that gives you this important right and explains how you can exercise it. It is important to understand the specific circumstances in which Illinois law grants you this right. (2) Preliminary negotiation of the contract: The customer does not have a right of withdrawal of three days if he has previously negotiated the terms of the contract in the sales office of the entrepreneur, even if the contract has been performed by the customer in his apartment.

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