How to Get a Credit Card for My Small Business

According to readers` opinions and the experience of the MMS team, it is possible to get a Citi credit card for small businesses without generating commercial revenue. (This is similar to what we found with Amex cards.) You can apply with your personal credit profile and income, and you will be personally responsible for all fees on a small business credit card if approved. A Citi banking relationship is useful, but not mandatory. Your credit limit is based on your personal credit score and the income (if any) generated by your small business. Cash back cards refund you a certain percentage of each purchase. Fixed rate cards tend to offer 1% to 2% return – spend $1,000 on something, get $10 to $20 back. Cards in the bonus category go up to 5%. Cashback is most often used as your account balance. If you like to earn and use American Airlines miles, this is a great option. I have it, like many other members of the million mile secret team.

Read this guide for a detailed review of the CitiBusiness American Airlines Platinum card. Take a look at your credit report and credit score. You can get one personal credit report per year from one of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, in You can also track your credit score for free with the NerdWallet app. If your company`s budget includes enough expenses to earn it, the sign-up bonus is worth $1,250 if you redeem the points for trips booked through Chase. (You can also transfer points to a dozen airline and hotel programs, including United, Southwest, Marriott, and Hyatt.) You get 3 points per dollar for up to $150,000 per year in travel, telecommunications (Internet, phone and cable), shipping and advertising expenses on social media and search engines. all other expenses earn 1 point per dollar. How long does it take to get a business credit card? The card issuer must check your personal and business credit history. While some business credit cards advertise near-instant approval, you may have to wait a few weeks for your card if your credit isn`t great.

The industry in which you operate. What do you do in your business? It can be a broad category such as retail, medical or professional services, or something more specific. If you don`t know how to describe it correctly, think about the service you offer. Driving for Uber? It`s transportation. DoorDash or Grubhub? This is the delivery. A Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. Don`t be intimidated by this term. Your Social Security number is a federal tax identification number, and if you are a sole proprietor, you can declare it. If you have employees or an official business structure, you probably have an employer identification number, and you can use it. All benefits have a high cost and rate: the annual fee is $550. However, these fees can be a deductible business expense, and if you use this card as intended, you`ll get what you pay for. The bonus categories on this card are not suitable for all business owners.

There is an annual fee of $95. After the first year, you`ll need to spend at least $2,534 before the rewards offset the annual fee. However, this may not be as important to you if you deduct the expenses from your taxes as business expenses. Your business must have a bank balance of $100,000 to apply. This is a payment card, not a credit card, which means that the balance is due in full at each billing cycle. Like consumer credit scores, business scores are generated by credit bureaus – companies that collect debt information and then use that information to estimate how risky it would be to lend money to an individual or, in this case, a business. The higher the score, the lower the risk. Business credit cards can offer some advantages over personal cards, including potentially higher credit limits and sign-up bonuses, as well as more detailed accounting features for tax time. » MORE: The Personal Business Credit Card Guarantee, Explained For business travelers who spend a lot of time on the road or especially in the air, the American Express Business Platinum Card® can be a good deal even at $595 (10/14-1/12/22) per year.

Flat-rate cards earn you the same rewards every time you make a purchase, no matter what you buy or where. If you want simplicity, or if your business expenses tend to exceed the scale without a particular widespread category, then a flat rate card may be best for you. Chances are you`ll use your business credit card quite often, so make sure you get one with favorable terms. Here`s how to do it: If you plan to carry credit from month to month, it`s more important to get a card with a 0% APR or a current low interest rate than looking for generous rewards. Alternatively, if you plan to pay in full each month, a card with a significant sign-up bonus and lucrative rewards could be a perfect fit. Virtually all small business credit card applications include personal guarantees where you agree to be personally liable for accumulated debts. This means that you are responsible for the balances, even if your business gets on its knees. Keep this in mind when applying and avoid borrowing more than you can repay. Read on to learn all about how to apply for a business credit card. With a high annual fee, this card is designed for businesses that spend a lot. And while it offers flexible terms, it`s still a payment card, which means your balance is fully due – you can`t spread the cost of a purchase over several months. The card offers additional benefits such as 2x Spark miles on every purchase with no caps and no overseas transaction fees.

The annual fee of $595 (10/14-1/12/22) is very high. However, keep in mind that expenses are deductible business expenses. What should I look for when buying a small business credit card? The best thing about applying for and approving a small business credit card is that you earn more miles or bonus points to increase your travel reward balance. Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard® credit card Here are tips on how to get card approval. And here`s our detailed look at Capital One Spark Miles. For entrepreneurs who pay in full each month and don`t overspend, those points, miles, or cash back quickly add up with a reward credit card for everything. Avoid paying with a credit card if convenience fees are added, if possible. Learn more about the pros and benefits of the card and our review of Ink Business Preferred. Higher premium rates are available on other cards, and if you spend enough, you can stay one step ahead of those cards even after paying an annual fee. If you narrow down your choices based on your business needs, learn how to evaluate and compare the features of different cards. The simple and simple rewards of the Discover it business card make it® a great choice for entrepreneurs and workers whose business expenses do not fall into the bonus categories of other small business reward cards (such as office supplies, advertising, etc.). You will also get discover`s signature bonus „cash back match” during your first year.

Read our review. This is the commercial version of the exhibitor`s excellent annual pass with no annual fee. The Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard® credit card pays solid rewards for every purchase and gives you great flexibility in redeeming your points for any travel purchase, without the limitations of branded airline and hotel cards. Read our review. • In the case of a company card, the company itself is the debtor. If the company leaves the business, the owners are not personally responsible for paying the debt. When you apply for a business credit card, the application will likely appear as an application for your personal credit report, which can cost you a few points on your credit scores for a short period of time. This is because your issuer wants to make sure that you, the business owner, are personally on a solid financial footing before you can borrow money. If your credit history is thin or bad, bad credit business credit cards are available. You do not need to be registered or have a formal business structure such as an LLC or partnership. Most business owners are „sole proprietors” – sole proprietorships make up about three-quarters of all businesses in the U.S.

– and they are eligible to apply for credit cards for small businesses. With points cards, you get points or miles for every dollar you spend, either at a flat rate or with bonus points in certain categories. .

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